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The experience with Precision was quite good. Actually, their response time was exceptional.


Trevor and Nat saw an opportunity to buy their home, site unseen, because it was located in an area that fit their needs, perfectly and provided a great reason to renovate the kitchen, amongst other things. Upon purchasing the home, it was evident that the entire home needed to be gutted and redesigned to better meet their requirements.

Trevor was introduced to Precision Cabinets by both an acquaintance in the building industry and a family friend and was attracted to the company because of its experience and ability to provide stone, cabinetry and accessories as a one-stop shop. From a large, open-plan kitchen and dining area, to a brand new laundry and bathroom, Trevor and Nat have a beautiful, contemporary space that works well for their lifestyle and is a strong foundation for future home improvements.

kitchen renovation design
kitchen design

A Small Window of Time and No Margin for Error

Upon purchasing their home, Nat & Trevor knew they had very little time to demo their home and get critical living areas completed (kitchen, bathroom, laundry) so they could move in.

With various trades being required to ensure the project went smoothly, both Nat & Trevor couldn’t afford to have delays from the kitchen renovation company they chose. If they selected the wrong cabinet maker or couldn’t coordinate the timing of the stone maker, there could be additional costs with getting the project back on schedule, as well as delays in moving into their new home..

One Kitchen Renovation Company to Do It All

For this reason, Trevor leaned toward finding a kitchen design company who could take care of everything from cabinetry design and production, to stone cutting and installation.

As Precision Cabinets is one of the few home renovation companies who can provide stone and cabinetry work, we were a key consideration following two referrals – one from the building sector and another from a homeowner.

Precision Cabinets were selected to look at how we could transform the home around both the existing structural constraints (support pillars, etc) and the overall project schedule itself.

What Our Clients Say

client story

The positive that we got from Precision was that they also do their own stonework so we had one trade that could actually finish off all the cabinetry, which probably saved one to two weeks.


The Solution

With a goal of getting the family into the home as soon as possible, Precision Cabinet Makers commenced work on the design. They provided a few options to give Trevor and Nat the space they wanted in their kitchen and entertaining area. This fit perfectly with the relocation of walls and other structural changes to accommodate future plans for the theatre and dining areas.

The original bathroom area was small and not ideal based on the size of their family and personal preference. Because of this, the bathroom was redesigned as the new laundry. The current, larger laundry was then converted into a bathroom large enough for a beautifully-designed vanity, shower and bathtub. This was done to provide more room for the family and to maintain that cohesive open feel throughout the house.

The Result

The end result is a modern and functional kitchen where family and friends can gather together. Also, Nat and Trevor now have a beautifully designed laundry and spacious bathroom area, providing ample room for their family to use.

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