The final look was incredible. Really happy with how Precision brought my designs to life.

When Angela Lyon, an interior designer from Grey Peg Interiors, needed help in renovating a home project in Melville, she knew precisely what she wanted. With her keen eye for design and a clear vision in mind, Angela partnered with Precision Cabinets to bring her home renovation vision to fruition. The result was a stunning transformation that showcased Precision Cabinets’ ability to deliver exceptional quality and service, even when working with the most discerning of clients.

Angela’s home presented several challenges, including a narrow laundry room that required a clever solution to maximise storage and functionality. The master bedroom also needed a new walk in robe design, which called for expert carpentry skills to relocate walls and create a more spacious and organised storage area. Additionally, the bathrooms and living areas required bespoke cabinetry that would reflect Angela’s unique style and design preferences.

Precision Cabinets worked hand in hand with Angela to bring her vision to life. As the designer, Angela proposed every aspect of the project, and Precision Cabinets’ team of skilled ensured that each detail was executed flawlessly.

The process began with finalising the design and taking accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Angela selected the final colours and finishes, opting for stylish Polytec facings and luxurious porcelain and stone bench tops. Precision Cabinets then moved into the manufacturing and production phase, creating bespoke pieces that met Angela’s exact specifications.

Tying it all together

Throughout the project, Precision Cabinets collaborated seamlessly with other trades to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. The team delivered the final design on time and within budget, much to Angela’s delight.

The end result was a beautifully renovated home that perfectly reflected Angela’s style and met her every need. The narrow laundry room was transformed into a highly functional space with ample storage, while the master bedroom wardrobe provided a spacious and organised solution. The bespoke cabinetry in the bathrooms and living areas added a touch of elegance and sophistication, tying the entire home together.

What Our Clients Say

It was a great experience being able to work with Precision Cabinets. I’d highly recommend them.

The Result

Grey Peg’s home renovation project is a testament to Precision Cabinets’ commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction. By working closely with Angela and delivering on her unique design vision, Precision Cabinets demonstrated their ability to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clients.

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