We couldn’t be happier with how the showroom looks.

Matt Schoof

Seven years after moving into our Kelmscott premises, a decision was made to update the showroom with the intent of showing multiple, contemporary styles and areas in the one location. The intent was that clients could easily visualise the breadth of designs and layouts available to them, while they create the look for their own home projects.

To assist with this process, we partnered with Eskay Design to help realise the vision for our showroom. After lengthy consultation, they created drawings and renders which captured the multifunctional purpose of the space, from the soft touch of a few well placed green features to the colour and trends across multiple kitchen designs.

The process continued with an animated render and further refinement to ensure the showroom was modern, clean and would inspire those who walked in.

Out With The Old…

When the project started, we committed a budget to the project and also emphasised that no cost would be spared to accurately detail the workmanship available to our clients. This made the project an equally appealing prospect for Eskay Design as limited budgets tended to be the most common barrier to their clients achieving creatively timeless designs in their homes.

The next step was converting designs into CAD drawings and sourcing the necessary products. While this was done, the job of gutting the old showroom commenced. Covering several months, the conversion was gradual but steady.


Line Upon Line

Like many of our own clients, there were aspects of this project which seemed in contrast to what we were after. But also like our clients, we understood the need to explore different perspectives and trust the process.

Line upon line, we saw our vision realised in the steady, patient progress over several months and countless hours of labour to create an especially unique showroom.

What Our Partners Had To Say…

Usually, when working with clients, we have to scale down what we can do because of budget constraints but thankfully, Precision Cabinets held to the original vision and the end result is amazing.

Sarah, Eskay Design

The Result

The result is a market leading renovation showroom, highlighting multiple styles and materials, in a complementary manner, across residential and commercial areas. The feedback from those visiting the space has been favourable with many remarking on how well the space has been used to give a prospective client a range of ideas to work with when designing their own projects.

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