I enjoyed the experience with them. Very professional and friendly, friendly team.

Liz Romeo

Liz owns a fruit orchard in Carmel, with her husband. She comes from a family of six and her husband from a family of four so having a space to spend time together and entertain is very important to both of them.

End of A Season

Having lived in a home with a kitchen that is over 30 years old, Liz wanted to replace it with a new, modern kitchen that would be functionally better and join with the dining area. The current kitchen had warped doors. The shelving had water damage and the bench top was looking pretty old and discoloured.

Liz was presented with a design that incorporated a Qstone cashmere grey square edge stone bench top and white satin cabinets, along with Hettich (Intra 9105735 BSS 192cc) handles.

A New Beginning

The designs for the new kitchen and dining area required a complete gut and extension of the area so it could house the necessary room and layout.

On completion, the kitchen presented a stark contrast to the dated, 30-year old design which had been there previously. Fresh, clean cabinetry replaced warped and water damaged shelves. Engineered stone was used, instead of laminate. The decision was to pull out the old and put in the new.

What Our Clients Say

When I initially engaged Precision Cabinets, I was skeptical but I went onto their looked at their work and history and thought that I’d give them a go. I enjoyed my experience with them. Very friendly, friendly team.


The Result

The result is a completely different looking kitchen. As the crowning feature of the home, it serves as an adequate area for hosting guests and a functional space for preparing meals.

Liz and her family can now spend time in a modern, fresh-looking area of the house, building more memories to carry them the next 30 years over.

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