Employing a company to design and build your custom kitchen cabinets is a big decision. You need to be sure you are hiring the right company, who will do a good job for you. With all the companies out there providing services it can be difficult to choose between them.

This article will help take the guesswork out of your choice and assist in making an informed decision. It covers topics from investigating the reviews of companies, to looking at the qualities of the sales team.

There are six critical kitchen design questions that many homeowners wished they had asked before starting their renovations:

Does the company have a proven track record?
A good place to start is Google My business reviews to find out what previous clients think of the company and their experiences. Have they been able to deliver on other people’s expectations? Online testimonials and reviews will give you a good indication of what sort of service to expect from any company.

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What sort of support will the company provide for the project?

You will need to ascertain what overall support to expect from the company, not just the building of the cabinetry, but end to end service.

Do they organise the supporting trades, not just the cabinet makers, but trades such as plumbers, tilers and electricians? Without this type of project management, you can run into difficulties organising the different trades to complete their part of the job – timing is important and a well-organised, one stop shop will minimise delays and allow for the job to be completed on time, with minimal stress and fuss.

What sort of warranties do they offer?

This is important to clarify before you hire any company. What protection will you have with this company, once the kitchen has been installed? You want to ensure they will stand by their workmanship once you have handed over your money and will quickly rectify any issues that may arise. You will also want to ascertain that the company is sound and will be around long enough to offer warranty support.

Is the company a professional company, with sufficient support structures?

A reputable company is not going to be a backyard operator. They will have the support structures in place to be able to offer a variety of alternatives and additional trades to complete the job.

The infrastructure also includes the machinery to complete everything promised, as there are plenty of people out there who say they have all this but are unable to deliver to a high standard. This can be frustrating and disappointing, as you can be left with an incomplete job, or a kitchen that is substandard and doesn’t meet expectations.

Does the company have experienced staff?

A good company will have staff who support the clients through the whole job, with capability and experience enough to help them choose wisely. Sometimes the product may be what they customers want but may not meet their needs.

Backyard teams don’t have the same experience or level of knowledge to be able to offer solutions and provide all the elements required to complete the job, including client’s expectations, budget and timeline. This requires a sales team that has the product knowledge, experience and project management knowledge to offer professional, timely results.

Another area to look at with a good sales team is the ability to provide detailed drawings, so the customer can visualise what their kitchen is going to look like, without having to guess. A good 3D drawing, from a knowledgeable salesperson, means the client can make an informed decision, understanding what the end product will look like, from the hinges and door handles, to the appliances and all other accessories.

A great consultant will be able to answer all questions you may have, from how long from start to finish, payment schedules and who to contact in the event any issues may arise.

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Is the supplier a local company, providing local products?

It is important the supplier is WA operated, particularly in light of the recent pandemic. Having locally sourced and locally made products will prevent delays, especially if they are having to come from overseas.

It is critical to walk into a reputable company who can provide what you require, custom made to meet your needs. You run the risk with Generic units, of selecting a design that suits someone else’s needs but not your own. A higher quality of products, with a quick turnaround is directly related to being able to have your product made to fit your requirements right here in WA. A company such as this will have local knowledge

In conclusion, if you do your homework and ensure you are hiring a local, reputable supplier, with experienced staff, you can have the confidence you will receive the service you need. A kitchen is a critical part of the house and a good supplier will ensure the whole process will be done in a timely manner, as smoothly as possible with little stress, or down time. They will also ensure any issues are corrected in a timely manner and without hassles.

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