When engaging a cabinet maker for your renovation projects, it is essential to consider the following factors. If you keep these in mind then you can ensure you choose the right company for the job and can be confident of the best results.

Problem #1: Substandard Board and/or Materials

Ensure good quality boards and/or materials are used, thus avoiding costly repair works and disappointment.

You run the risk of not being able to match the product, if you use boards that are not locally made, should any repairs or alterations are required at a later date. The whole job may have to be redone, or another colour chosen, causing costly overruns. Additional stocks of Australian made products are generally available if required later.

Problem #2: Incorrect Joins

If your kitchen top isn’t installed properly and your joins are too near your sink, or where you would locate your kettle, your cabinetry and bench can become water damaged. You don’t require a lot of water to start seeing tops damaged. It is important that the joins are located as far away as possible from a sink, or where there is going to be water, to prevent this from happening.

Overhead cabinets need to be properly secured, or anchored to the walls correctly, to prevent them coming off the walls when items such as food, crockery etc, are placed inside.

Problem #3: Crooked Cupboards

If the cupboards are not installed level it is very difficult to get cupboard doors adjusted to fit, line up or close correctly. The only way to fix this problem is to cut the cupboards out of square to fit. Machines used to cut cupboards can only cut square and to cut a cupboard slightly out of square becomes very problematic.

Another potential issue with crooked cupboards is the difficulty in getting drawers to roll smoothly.

Problem #4: Legal Requirements & Compliance Issues

It is important to engage a reputable tradie for jobs that seem easy to do, as they are aware of the laws and regulations, even when replacing a simple laundry trough. It may not be as easy as it may first appear. If there is even a small leak that you are unaware of, the damage may be very costly, as you may need to replace the whole cabinet and start from scratch. Removing sinks etc, may cause further damage, requiring work that wasn’t anticipated, such as replacing tiles on the wall, or damaged flooring.

Problem #5: Mandatory Licensed Trades for Gas, Plumbing, Electrical

When you are installing gas hobs, sinks etc, these have to be disconnected and reconnected by a licensed plumber. Likewise, electrical points will need to be disconnected and reconnected by a licensed electrician. There is a huge fine if you try and tamper with gas fittings and electrical fittings. It is important to ensure the trades that are coming in are properly licensed, as they will ensure the work is completed safely.

Problem #6: Reliable, Licensed and Professional Contractors

Ensure you have a properly qualified cabinet maker installing your cabinets who knows the ins and outs and is aware of where the anchoring points need to be.

You will also require reliable contractors to back up your installations, such as plumbers and electricians, as well as tilers etc. Subpar contractors can be employed by some companies, where lines of responsibilities can become blurred, or there is a lack of communication, or ownership. This can cause issues with legal requirements, such as placement of cabinets in relation to gas hobs etc. It is essential to check the specifications on the products, to ensure they are installed safely and legally. You need to ensure your contractors know the regulations and adhere to them.

Problem #7: Respecting Client Property

It is important that the company representatives respect the property of their clients. For example, where there are timber floors, or lino has been laid, or the house has been painted – everything needs to be treated with care. They need to put protection on the floor and are careful not to scratch newly painted surfaces. Ensure you have trust in the tradesperson to treat your house as they would their own. Ensure they will clean up and not leave you with a mess.

Problem #8: Payment disputes

It is important right from the word go that the client understands the payment conditions and their legal requirements. The payment requirements should all be spelt out properly when the quote is given. Follow up before signing the dotted line, to ensure you know what the deposit is, and when second and subsequent payments are required, after which portions of the job have been completed. Ensure you are completely satisfied with the job, before making the final payment.

It is important to make sure you have good contact with the salesperson of the company and that you are kept up to speed throughout the manufacturing process with what is happening. Ensure there is good follow up on completion of the job and you are able to have contact with the company in the event there are any issues.

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